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Thank you to our 2015 Local Joes!

A BIG thank you goes out to our 2015 Local Joes for allowing us to follow their journey in training for the Fall Prairie Fire Marathon Race Series. Everyone did fantastic on race day! We look forward to welcoming the next group of Local Joes to the 2016 Prairie Fire Marathon Race Series. Applications for the 2016 Local Joes are now being accepted.

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Make Sure To Follow These Amazing Individuals On Twitter And Share In Their Training Experience To Finish The Prairie Fire Marathon!


     Sean C. Amore                


Twitter: @seancamore

Age: 37

Occupation: Commnications/Organizational Development

Running Experience: When chased, my campaign for State House of Representatives, errands, and my mouth. I've never been an athlete in any way/manor/shape/form.

Biggest Fear About This Project: The dry-land equivalent to drowning because I can't breathe (that's true, by the way).

Why You Agreed: Free T-shirt. I kid... I lost several hundred pounds years ago. A notable percentage of them have found me in the last year or so. I need to work on diet and exercise and maybe I can out run the pounds this time.

I agreed to do this because I love Wichita and would like to help grow awareness of/interest in our marathon and the GoRun Wichita Start2Finish Program offers support and a running community. It is a LOT easier, for me to stay focused and committed to something if I have a plan, a goal, and involved/watching/interested.

What You Hope To Get Out Of This Project: To learn to enjoy running - if only to run just far/fast enough that lost pounds can't follow me anymore, a sense of accomplishment, perhaps some new friends, and a free t-shirt.



     Emily Behlmann


Twitter: @ebehlmann

Age: 29

Occupation: Web and social media editor at the Wichita Business Journal

Running Experience: I've done 3 Half Marathons and 1 Marathon, Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon. But I'm seriously slow. My best Half Marathon time is about 3 hours, and my Marathon time was nearly 8 hours. I don't really know how to get faster, and I don't know how to pace myself. I know I could have done the Marathon faster, but I started super slow because I was afraid of running out of steam.

Biggest Fear About This Project: Putting everything out there, including pace, for all to see. Sometimes I hear faster runners talk about their times, and I've always stayed quiet. (One time, a freind and I finished last in an out-of-town 10K. I never told anyone who wasn't there.)

Why You Agreed: This will hold me accountable and help me learn. I love talking about running - and all the related issues, like what to eat after, how yuo'll be able to find a bathroom along the course, where to stash water, etc. - and this is an opportunity to do it with a larger group. Most importantly, I hope to be really frank about how I'm doing. I'll share my pace, my struggles and successes. I think not-so-fast runners need to know that there are plenty of other people like them, and that it doesn't matter where you start. Running will be fulfilling as long as you keep pushing yourself.

What You Hope To Get Out Of This Project: A faster Marathon, more understanding of what I'm capable of and maybe some new running buddies.


  Jonathan George


Twitter: @jdg

Age: 30

Occupation: CEO of Evomail

Running Experience: Last ran cross country in High School

Biggest Fear About This Project: The time commitment needed to successfully compete.

Why You Agreed: Because running was something I was considering starting to do again.

What You Hope To Get Out Of This Project: Community, Friends, and Competition.



        Cat Poland


Twitter: @catpoland


Occupation: Freelance Writer, Blogger at MomOnTheRange.com

Running Experience: Minimal. I ran a Half Marathon in 2008 as part of the Team in Training for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, but haven't really ran since.

Biggest Fear About This Project: Since I ran my last Half Marathon five years ago, I've birthed two children. So, I'm not really afraid of pushing myself physically. The human body is amazing, and capable of so much more than we think. My biggest fear is time. I have a hard time justifying doing things just for me. If it's not for my family, my friends, or if I'm not contributing to the family income, I struggle with commitment. I feel selfish, and worry about how I'm going to find time to fit in all the training.

Why You Agreed: I really didn't have a solid reason not to do this, and I'm an advocate for moms who want to pursue their passions. Every mom is busy, but we can all carve out time to keep our bodies (and minds) healthy.

What You Hope To Get Out Of This Project: Strength. I'm a natural sleepy person, and struggle to keep up with the demands of chasing a two and four year old around. I am not even 30, but often encounter women twice my age with more energy. I want to feel stronger, and be stronger. And I'm not going to lie, I wouldn't mind getting a little tone back that two kids and a five-year hiatus from exercise took away from me.


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