Fall Teams

Team Registration is now open for the Prairie Fire Fall Race Series!!

This year come together at the Prairie Fire Fall Race Series in a whole new way! Rally up your friends, families and co-workers for some fun and fitness with our team feature. All team sizes, ages and groups are welcome to register. Do you train at different distances and paces? No problem. Teams can choose to participate in any of the offered races on event day, regardless of pace or distance.

Visit the Prairie Fire Races Series registration pages on Active.com to register your team. Choose the Fall Race Marathon. Teams can register for any of our race categories including the Back 2 Back Challenge!


Registration is easy, just follow these easy steps!

1. Choose which race series you want to participate in.

2. Select your race distance.

3. Select "Yes" I want to create/join a team.

4. Register yourself or your whole team.

5. Confirm your registration.

6. Email, post and share with your friends and encourage them to join your team!

Frequently Asked Questions

See below for a list of FAQ. Should you have any additional questions please feel free to email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


1. Can I create a team if I'm not participating? 

Yes. Are you an organizer for a social group, company or running club? Register your team and handle all the logistics even if you cannot participate personally. No Problem.!

2. Is there a limit to the number of teammates that can join my team?

No. You can have as many teammates as you like.

3. Do I have to register for my race before I can create/join a team?

Yes. You must complete the registration process before your team will be created or a teammate is added to a team? Once registration is complete then creation/adding process will be complete.

4. Can I register and pay for my whole team all at once?

Yes. Multiple registrations are allow at the time of team registration creation. All team members added must be paid in advance before they can be added.

5. Does my whole team have to run the same race?

No. You can all run a different race. 

Spring Series Team Example: 1 team of 10 can have: 5 - Half Marathoners, 2 - Back 2 Back Challengers, and 3 - 5K participants. 

Fall Race Example: 1 team of 10 could have 4 - Full Marathoners, 2 Half Marathoners, 3 5K and 1 Fun Run/Walk participants.

6. If I'm on a Spring team and I'm doing the Back 2 Back Challenge, does my team listing carry over to the fall. 

No, not unless your team is made up solely of Back 2 Back Challengers.

7. If I have a team in the Spring Series that has a Back 2 Back Challenger, I've created a team for the Fall Series, can I let my Spring Back 2 Back Challenger teammates join my team. 

Yes. You can add them unofficially to your team in the Fall. We will be tracking them as B2B Challengers internally but they will not show in the fall team system via active.com. They are welcome to enjoy all the social benefits and fun your team creates.

8. Why can't I create a Back 2 Back team in the Fall? 

Registration into the Back 2 Back Challenge is restricted to the Spring Race Series. Only teams consisting of the all Back 2 Back Challengers will be carried over into the Fall Race Series. These team will be tracked internally.

9. If I create a team and pay for my entire team will they need to sign waivers?

Yes. While you do accept the waiver at the time of registration. We do require that each member login and accept the waiver individually.  

10. Can we create team shirts, signs and fun costumes for race day?

Yes. We highly encourage teams to have as much fun as possible and encourage social interaction to show your Prairie Fire spirit!

end faq

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