Road and Traffic Control

2017 Prairie Fire Marathon

Street List for 2017 – Updated March 15, 2017
Subject to change


2017 PFM Updated CUoA course

Road Closures

- Lewis/Waterman, Main Street to McLean Boulevard Closed Midnight – 4:00PM
- Northbound McLean Boulevard, Lincoln to Seneca and Seneca to 13th Street Closed 6:00AM – 2:30PM

- Southbound McLean, Lewis to Lincoln Closed 6:00AM – 2:30PM
- Douglas Avenue, McLean to Waco Closed 6:00AM – 2:30PM

- Douglas Avenue, Waco to Gfrove Closed 6:00AM – 9:00AM
- W Central Avenue, Greenway to Seneca 6:00AM-2:00PM
- Water, Douglas to Second 7:45AM – 8:30AM
- E Douglas, S Stratford to S Armour 7:30AM – 9:00AM
- 2nd Street, Dellrose to Waco 7:00AM-12:00PM
- 2nd Street/Greenway/Central, Waco to Museum Blvd 7:00AM – 1:30PM
- Museum Blvd – Central to Stackman 7:00AM – 1:30PM
- I-135, 1st and 2nd Street On/Off Ramps 7:00AM – 11:30AM

- WB Kellogg/US 54 and Grove Street On/Off Ramps 7:00AM – 9:00AM
- North Bound River Blvd, Murdock to Bitting Street Bridge 8:00AM – 1:00PM
- West Stackman Drive, North Bound Murdock to Museum Blvd 8:00AM – 1:00PM

*Traffic will not be allowed to cross Douglas from Waco to Grove from 6:30AM-9:00AM. Please use Central to access businesses on the north side of Douglas and Kellogg or Lincoln to access from the south. Douglas will open between Waco and Emporia once the last runner has cleared the area.

Bridge Closures
Douglas Street Bridge, McLean to Waco Closed 6:30AM-2:30PM
2nd Street Bridge, McLean to 1st  Closed 6:30AM-2:30PM
Bitting Avenue Bridge, River Blvd to Oak Park Drive Closed 7:00AM-1:00PM
Murdock Bridge, River Blvd to Waco Closed 7:00AM-1:00PM
Seneca Street Bridge, N. McLean Blvd to West Museum Blvd and West Central Avenue 6:30AM-2:30PM

Riverside Map

Riverside 2016


 Monitored Roads
*Please note: The following roads are traffic controlled. Runners have the right of way over vehicles on these roads. When runners are in the area, cars will be stopped until there is a break in runners. We urge anyone traveling in the area to give themselves plenty of time to reach their destinations...but it is possible with a little patience.


- S Wichita Street, Waterman to Lewis

- Lewis Street, Wichita Street to McLean Boulevard
- McLean Boulevard, Lewis Street to Douglas Avenue
- Douglas Avenue, McLean Boulevard to Grove Street
- Grove Street, Douglas Avenue to Orme Street (Turnaround)
- Douglas Avenue, Grove Street to Clifton Avenue
- Clifton Avenue, Douglas Avenue to Waterman Street
- Waterman Street, Clifton Street to Bluff Street

- Bluff Street, Waterman Street to Fountain Street
- Fountain Street, Bluff Street to Lewis Street
- Lewis Street, Fountain Street to Bleckley Drive
- Bleckley Drive, Lewis Street to Waterman Street
- Waterman Street, Bleckley Drive to Edgemoor Street
- Edgemoor Street, Waterman Street to South Lexington Street
- South Lexington Street, Edgemoor Street to South Ridgecrest
- South Ridgecrest Street, South Lexington Street to Douglas Street
- Lynwood Street, South Ridgecrest Street to Hampton
- Hampton, Lynwood Street South to dead end
- Lakeside Blvd., Willowbrook Road to Mission Drive
- Willowbrook Road, Lakeside to Mission
- South Mission Drive, Lywnwood/Willowbrook to Huntington St
- Huntington Street/Douglas Avenue, South Mission Drive to Rutland Street
- Rutland Street, Douglas Avenue to Armour Avenue
- Armour Avenue, Rutland Street to Central Avenue
- Central Avenue, Armour to Broadmoor Ave
- Broadmoor, Central Avenue to Doreen Street
- North Doreen Street, Killarney to Donegal Street
- Donegal Street, Doreen to Rock Road
- Rock Road, Donegal Street to Polo Drive
- Polo Drive, Rock Road to South Magill Street
- Broadmoor, Polo Drive to South Magill Street
- South Magill Street, Broadmoor to Doreen
- Doreen, Magill Street to Oneida
- Oneida, Doreen to Post Oak Road
- Post Oak Road, Oneida to Path
- Tallyrand/10th Street, Path to Gretchen Lane
- Gretchen Lane, 10th to Magill Street
- Magill Street, Gretchen Lane to Whitfield Lane
- Whitfield Lane, Magill Street to 12th Street
- 12th Street, Whitfield Lane to Farmstead Street
- Farmstead Street, 12th Street to Kevin Street
- Kevin Street, Farmstead Street to 9th Street
- 9th Street, Kevin Street to Edgemoor Street
- Edgemoor Street, 9th Street to Douglas Avenue
- Douglas Avenue, Edgemoor Street to Dellrose
- Dellrose, Douglas Avenue to 2nd Street
- 2nd Street, Dellrose to Waco Avenue
- 2nd Street/Greenway, Waco Avenue to Central Avenue
- Central Avenue, Greenway Avenue to Nims
- Nims, Central Avenue to Stackman Drive
- Stackman Drive, Nims to Murdock Street
- Murdock Street, Stackman Drive to Waco Avenue
- Waco Avenue, Murdock Street to 8th Street
- 8th Street, Main Street to Back Bay Boulevard

- Back Bay Blvd., 8th Street to 9th Street
- 9th Street, Back Bay Blvd. to Nims/Bitting
- Nims/Bitting, 9th Street to River Boulevard
- River Boulevard, Nims to Murdock Street
- Stackman Drive, Murdock Street to Museum Boulevard
- Museum Boulevard, Stackman Drive to Sim Park Drive
- Sim Park Drive, Stackman Drive to Amidon Street
- Amidon Street, Sim Park Drive to 12th Street
- 12th Street, Amidon Street to Perry Avenue
- Perry Avenue, 12th Street to 13th Street
- 13th Street, Perry Avenue to McLean Boulevard
- McLean Boulevard, 13th Street to Lewis Street
- Lewis Street, McLean Boulevard to Water Street


Additional Roads for Half Marathon, 5K and Youth Marathon

- Water, Douglas to 2nd Street (5K Only)
- Ridgecrest, Lynwood to Douglas Avenue (Half Marathon Only)
- Douglas Avenue, Ridgecrest to Edgemoor (Half Marathon Only)
- Central Avenue, Greenway Boulevard to Seneca Street (5K & Half Marathon)

- Seneca Street, Central Avenue to McLean Boulevard (5K & Half Marathon)
- McLean Boulevard, Lewis Street to Lincoln Street (Youth Marathon)

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